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Lewis Family Session | Millsite Park, Myrtle Creek Or.

I was fortunate to photograph the Lewis Family Twice this year. First the kiddos at my Easter Mini Event and Then with this adorable Family session in the gorgeous fall leaves of Millsite Park in Myrtle Creek Or.

Its always so exciting to see how much the little ones grown, and in such a short amount of time. I have literally watched little ones grow into teens and even adults and captured there moments throughout it all. It will be crazy when the day comes that I photograph the baby of someone I have photographed themselves as a baby. I feel that is coming up here in the next few years!


Anyhow, back to the session at hand. At our Easter Mini Event, Little Emma was so small she couldn't even sit up and then She was all over the place for this session. Yeah. she was not exactly excited to pose pretty for the camera. Good thing she is so cute huh! Even when she isn't looking at the camera. I do think she did a fantastic job though! I sure cant wait to deliver these gorgeous images.!

This was my favorite image from the session and I think maybe there's too since they ordered the digital for their christmas cards. It also made the perfect custom cover for their gift print collection. Check out the gorgeous products the lewis family received.

Our gift prints are delivered On luxury Linen textured professional quality Kodak paper that will preserve your memories for generations to come. Check out that gorgeous texture! <3

The models are pretty cute too!

I just love these custom memory boxes too. They are perfect for holding all your images that you don't necessarily want framed on the wall.

Now Back to some more Adorable portraits from the Lewis Family Session. Oh these two are so cute...