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Lincoln's Glitter and Glam Maternity Session

Lincoln's Maternity portraits were so much fun to shoot! I am in love with them, and so is Mommy. Starting off the shoot with a gold themed combo chosen by Big-Sister-Faith, and adding a little glitter, we spiced things up for the holiday season. How fitting for a December due-date. Scrabble letters are perfect for spelling out names, and that gold snowflake - it’s the final touch in achieving an elegant wintery feeling. Gold is so "In" right now!


The gold glitter is an overlay so there was no mess to clean up after. Do you have any idea how messy glitter can be? Here's a shot without the glitter. <3


Using some personal props that Mom brought along, Big-Sister-Faith became the camera’s main attraction. She did so well and was a natural! I think we have a future model on our hands. I love personal props and always encourage clients to bring them along.


This is one of my favorites from the session.

It's such an intimate portrait, and perfectly captures Faith's excitement to be a big sister.


We did 4 themes with this shoot, and I was like a kid in a candy store.

Photographers appreciate it when clients trust them enough to utilize their unique creative ability. Sure Pinterest© poses are great and all the rage right now, but attempting to recreate someone else’s vision lacks imagination and usually ends in disappointment. If you’re looking for portraits that reflect your individuality, take some time to share your vision, then allow your photographer to get creative. After all, isn't that why you chose her?

Next up we moved to a more intimate setting. Utilizing my home studio bedroom and this gorgeous lace robe (thrift store find) vividly portrayed the emotions of the expectant mom-to-be. Have I mentioned what a breathtaking model she is? Merely 5 days from delivery, and Lisa's stunning pregnancy glow was captured in these poses.


Notice the Gold accents. I'm Obsessed. I adore everything about those lamps. As if it wasn’t enough to have laid claim to them at the Salvation Army a few years ago, later that same day I spotted those perfectly sized and accented lamp shades to match at Ross. It was Fate.

Finally, we went for an elegant formal look with a sleek grey backdrop and This AMAZING DRESS!


Don't tell anyone, but its actually a very long curtain swag that I picked up at a local thrift store for $3. With a little tucking, some clamps to keep it in place, and a bit of photoshopping, it looks seamlessly brilliant. And Lisa- she's an angelic beauty.

The beauty, grace, and authenticity of this shoot is undeniable. It is a testimony to the person and mom that Lisa is.

Faith is seriously a future model and is welcome to come pose for me any day!

I cant wait to order these, and I may be making an album for the studio! Thank you so much, Lisa for not only choosing me, but trusting me to capture these memories for you. I can't wait to meet Lincoln.