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Hello, I'm Mel! This crazy adorable background pic is me and my crew!

So, I've been a Photographer for way longer than my age would like to admit since that kind of shows how old I am!  Nonetheless, I'll give you a little information about me, my family and my background in photography. 

About Us


My Crew

I'm Mel, and this is my husband Denell (you can call him Dan), Our son Damien and our daughter Freyja.  Freyja and Damien are our little monsters, and we obviously adore them. I am an Oregon native, and my husband Is from Idaho. We are what you would call boring hermits. Our favorite things to do are work, spend time with our little monsters and renovate our 1900 farmhouse. Denell has an extensive background in residential contracting and is what they call a "Jack of all trades". He is also the drone and 3D Walkthrough guy for our real estate clients. 


About Me

So... About me!

Well, I have a long background in photography that started when I was about 10. I started making money from portrait photography in high school doing portraits and weddings in my community.  after high school I worked at both Walmart Portrait Studio and Sears Portrait Studio.  

I also studied some courses related to photography, graphic design, interior design, set design and fashion that have helped mold my style and skills for photography. I did NOT go to college for photography though. My degree field is completely unrelated but thanks to all those required extra classes, I learned some awesome photography related stuff! 


Since then (which has been many of I've continued my portrait photography career and also expanded into real estate photography

I have been offering real estate photography since 2015.  


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